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awwyeah's Journal

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The Shaz and Lor Show
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This community is dedicated to things that make you say awwyeah. We created it because, while there are other communities exploring the road to awwyeah, the youthful exuberance of some of these communities made us feel slightly jaded. We were a little uncomfortable busting in with our questions after reading posts that made us think, "Oh, honey, you really shouldn't have skipped ninth-grade health class that day."

Tell us about the universal awwyeah. Describe that meal, sweater, or piece of ass that made you sigh with pleasure. Point us towards shiny trinkets and cool magnets. Tell us how you discovered the perfect tiki bar. Read us a story. Tell us about random encounters with interesting people.

We're also perfectly happy to talk about more specific forms of awwyeah. Know of any good toys? I mean, really good ones? Will that glowy thing be cumbersome and awkward, or really good for the grindy? Female ejaculation--can you do it? Can we?

Shaz and Lor are otherwise known as majorweather and 4hour_ramona. We once spent 17 hours pasting our faces onto milk cartons. You know, for the derby.

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